Please note that the following quotes represent only a selection of the
recent press coverage.

"If Adam Curtis made music instead
of documentaries Monokino would
be the sound / This is music that
defies genre, it is pure, raw, and
magnificent." Yack Magazine

"His latest singles "Bend or Break",
“No Return” and “Your
Underground” made a splash
internationally with plays from the
late Janice Long on BBC Radio." -
BBC Radio.

UK Artist of the week: “His latest
release “Your Underground” is a
woozy fusion of alternative-rock
and off-kilter electronics that
certainly deserves your attention.” -
The Vinyl District

"Dutch musician Monokino takes
the electronic-tinged genre of
hyperpop in bold new directions."

“Magical electro-pop and baroque
fusion and jawdropping visuals."
Vents Magazine

“A breathless, whirl of soundscapes
and incessantsampled beats.
Monokino takes no prisoners as
electro is formidably melded with
rock-style guitar; relentlessly dark,
consistently moody." Fortitude

"Incredibly original" Northern

"An out-of-the-ordinary single: ‘No
Return’is a great proof that true
artists’ inspiration’s never
fadesaway - Monokino releases one
of his strongest and most
meticulously produced songs so
far." Nuevo Culture

“Monokino weaves ear-piercing
synthesizers, angry guitar riffs and
pounding drums with a highly exceptional
voice to produce
futuristic sounding pop/rock music.
In the course of a minute, you may
hear Soft Cell, New Order,
Kraftwerk, Associates, Cabaret
Voltaire and Freur.” Incendiary

“Best all around the world in one
band. Monokino delivered
minimalist New Order-style dance
rock with guitar, synth and drums
by way of China, Holland and
Germany.” Greg Kott – The Chicago

"The Dutch musician - Monokino‘s
newly released song and music
video called “No Return” will pour a
grain of salt to the open wounds of
those feeling detached from their
home or home country. The band
tortures the listener’s soul with
soul-stirring pop fusion and
baroque electronic tunes, creating
an atmosphere of inevitable
sadness. “No return” holds the
bittersweet spirit of involuntary
detachment." Just Bangers

"George van Wetering, best known
as Monokino continues his musical
journey with this mesmerizing
release of a deep and bittersweet
single “No Return” along with a
highly anticipated music video that
was shot in Nanjing, China."
Breaking & Entering

"Soulful and deep sound mixed
with expressively strong vocals
singing about the detachment
from the past - pour all the sadness
from your heart. Everything you
think you were over with, every pain
and every wound you hid deep
enough to forget about resurfaces
with disturbing guitar riffs and
vulnerable vocals." Records on

“No Return” is a magical electropop
and baroque fusion set to
spark mass appreciation among
both mainstream music lovers and
connoisseurs of the genre, while
helping cement the rise of
Monokino’s status as a major act in
2020’s music scene." Vents

"This electronic, baroque and pop
fusion is a mysterious and beautiful
song that once again showcases
Monokino’s strong penchant for
bittersweet melodies and
atmospheres." New Hit Singles

"Monokino transcends cultures and
releases a fusion between East and
West on new music video "No
Return". George van Wetering,
better known as the lead singer of
the Dutch band Monokino, is
gaining the attention of the press
thanks to his latest release, a jawdropping
music video titled No
Return. " Aipate

"Beaucoup d'émotions pour le
hollandais Monokino. No Return a
été écrite lorsque George van
Wetering / Monokino doutait de sa
capacité à rester en Chine et
hésitait à rentrer chez lui ou non."

Monokino has spent years in China
and feels very close to the country,
even though he has mixed feelings
with the professional and personal
experiences he had to undergo
while living there. His new music
video is a great way to portray his
feelings and emotions, and is
exclusively shot in China. This
fascinating song will undoubtedly
help Monokino strengthen the
connection between western and
eastern cultures, and bring people
together amidst the Pandemic."
Minimal Sounds

"Have you ever imagined what a
sonic fusion between eastern and
western sonorities would sound
like? This is exactly what Monokino,
has done with their latest single
and music video titled ‘No Return’.
Monokino has been consistently
increasing their reach over the past
years, with releases like ‘Human
Error’ and ‘Fake Virtue’. ‘No Return’
is a beautiful sonic, but also visual
experience." Indieland

"Monokino is releasing an
incredibly original track titled “No
Return.” He has concocted a savvy
blend of electronica, pop, rock, and
baroque-inspired sonorities that act
as the perfect sonic structure for
him to layer his vocals, in
Mandarin!" Groovy Tracks

"The band reincarnated from their
industrial goth phase into bolder
sound choices, right after “the EDM
cult of personality took over.” Their
romantic ballad “No Return,” with a
baroque electronic production, is a
beautiful artistic sophistication of
the dilemmatic issue of
homecoming." Filthy Bangers

"At the intersection of indie, pop,
and rock, “No Return” is the kind of
single that loops in your head for
days even if, frankly, we cannot
understand the exact meaning of
the lyrics." Pop Dose Magazine
"I deduce that unlike many of his
contemporaries, this is not a man
much concerned with fitting in. No
return is an interestingly crafted
tune sung in Mandarin Chinese. The
song features vocals that seem to
float into the ether, spacious violin
sounds, Eastern musical motifs, and
even an aggressive sounding synth
that makes a brief stop in the
song’s break." Alt77

“Baby” from Dutch wunderkind
Monokino - It’s a sort of magic,
really, one that derives from
possessing both an insatiably
primal dance juggernaut of a beat
in stride with razor-sharp
production values, and we’re here
today to bring you exactly one such
insta-classic." - StereoEmbers

‘Baby’ itself is a heart-pounding
stomper, provoking images of a
high-speed chase a la Ryan
Gosling’s Drive — think 90s garage
psych meets 80s art-rock, drenched
in fuzz and exploding in synthetic
sound." - Psychedelic Baby Mag
“Infectiously catchy songwriting on
an energetic modern indie rock
outing dripping in fuzzy rock guitar
leads and a driving beat.” - Plastic

"Engagingly idiosyncratic modern
pop, with brand new tune Baby
accompanied by the aptly striking,
retro-futuristic ASCII-composed
lyric video." - Glide
" Monokino has a knack for quirky,
but engaging songwriting." Fame

“Monokino talks to us about
Kraftwerk, Kooning, kitsch and
creative control over his career. The
machine gun lead, hyper-drive beat
scores Monokino's layered vocal
through an atmospheric and
arresting track.” - Contact Music

"George van Wetering / Monokino’s
overflowing creativity is what
impresses at first, as he clearly
holds within his very soul
something that very few artists
possess: a unique quality that does
not resemble anything familiar.
Monokino is just on a planet of his
own, doing something only he
understands, but one thing is
certain - his work is relatable,
sublime at times, and powerfully
inspiring." Pop It Records

“You have to be a conscious artist to
mess with the rules, and
Monokino’s Fake Virtue embodies a
free spirit that finds harmony with
disparate elements and a pattern
without a formula. This is the record
of the Non-Conformist. Here, the
dark and the light intertwine to
makes some really great tracks with
great electronic elements."Spring
Music Review: Chicago College